About Swastik Dental Clinic

We believe in preserving what nature has provided. Our treatment objective is always to try to save your existing teeth. We use minimally invasive techniques and avoid surgical intervention unless absolutely necessary. We believe in preventive dental care which, in long run, gives you better dental health at a lower cost.

We maintain meticulous records, both manual and computerized, of the treatment provided to our patients. This data helps us keep track of all treatment provided to you. It also keeps us informed of any existing medical conditions which need to be kept in mind while treating you. This data is also used to provide you with preventive dental care. We use this to ascertain patterns in the occurrence of disease and effectiveness of different materials. It also helps us to keep a check on our work standards.

After completion of your treatment our doctor, to ensure that the care provided has been of the highest quality, will review your case. You will also be guided on how to best maintain your treated tooth to ensure that the care provided lasts for the longest possible time. We will also collect feedback from you regarding your impression on the care provided to you. The feedback will be used to further improve and upgrade our services.


Core Values
  • Long term relations are more important than short term gains
  • Never let Personal Gains overpower the correct treatment plan for the patient
  • Give patient Practical options in order to have a fair deal; what is good for him, is good for us
  • Nurture & care, patient – doctor relations in order to create long term bonds
  • Make things easy for the patient by explaining the treatment procedures
  • Communicate well with your patients. Listen & talk
  • Always empathize with your patients.


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